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I found a brand new copy of this in a local record shop last year and took perverse pleasure in telling the owner it was probably worth 3 times what he was asking for it. The first 6 albums (virgin years) are advertised within the packaging. 11. 05. She is an actress, known for Smokescreen (1994), The Human League: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (1983) and The Human League: I Need Your Loving (1986). New Woman Collection 2003. I’ve heard Human and Love Is All That Matters. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of Fan website with extensive information, statistics, and interviews. Simple (and this applies to all bands) To entice new listeners, to convert the uninitiated who only know one hit single, and the casual listener to catch up. 1. (2019). was released in the UK a few years ago. It is WAY Overdue for them to actually release something new and I just can’t see why they don’t. This looks brilliant and has all the tracks such as Tom Baker and I don’t depend on you that tend to get overlooked. Last track side 1 of their Crash album. I definitely got some great deals (thank you Paul) but also regrettably some big losses. That’s a really strange thing to say… And Human League never recorded ‘Goodbye Bad Times’. If you havent heard it I can thoroughly recommend it (you will at least know the track Human which was a pretty big hit for them I believe). Funny to illustrate it with a comtemporary picture of them when the most recent tracks on there are from ‘Romantic?’, @JerryUXB – Better get James Burke on the case…. All the moaning was washing over me, perhaps..? I was lucky to pick up a copy then. I like the cover, distinctive and contemporary. Don't you want me - Human League: read the story, see the video, enjoy the hit on, the ultimate blog on 80s music and videos The Human League - Don't You Want Me On November 27, 1981, a techno pop group from Sheffield released a song that would change their history. )… and when you just take a look at one of the more actual shots on Discogs, you must admit, that they kept up quite well – especially the ladies…. Not that it really matters, they still look amazing live and more importantly sound great still. Together In Electric Dreams (by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder) It is an SMH release from Japan . 9. Love Action (I Believe In Love) I still have my copy of the boxed Dare set. January 23, 2020 Mark Millar News, New music. If you “discover” a group with a history you have heard a few singles but that is all- say Madness would a compilation like this be your first purchase, or all of the entire catalogue? Complicated. 3 of them extended versions. V2192; Vinyl LP). The band are still working, that’s new material for the fans, great, but as some fall away, for many reasons, the void needs to be filled, preferably with youngsters who will stay for years. Where is ‘Good Bye Bad Times’ for instance!! The Human League Video Single: VHS/Beta: Contains videos for "Mirror Man", "Love Action" and "Don't You Want Me". Down to 4.99 pre order! (on no compilation of theirs! Great to see Boys and Girls here, but where are the songs from Octopus, and Secrets? Now, that DID make me laugh – priceless!!! 06 – Housefull Of Nothing And yes it’s cheap but it has plenty of content, what’s the problem? 2. Boys And Girls Universal at least got those right. Their last release was a career spanning 2 cd set, wuth a thirs disc of demos for the suer deluxe…no new tracks then. But Dare, the album he made with the ruins of a broken band, was a paradigm shift: It signified the end of something old—the original Human League—and the beginning of something new… Originally a minimal Post-Punk synthesiser-based group from Sheffield, UK, they became one of the most successful New Wave acts of the 80s. Seems good value to a casual fan like me. I’m not a casual fan or casual listener but an true fan of the band and compelled to buy this compilation, why?, Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket, Sting offers a digital-only expanded edition of The Soul Cages, Craft Recordings launch audiophile vinyl series with John Coltrane’s Lush Life, Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club, The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker 30th anniversary reissue, PJ Harvey / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea reissued, Luke Haines / Setting the Dogs on the Post Punk Postman. All I can say is I hope you are not a Peter Gabriel fan, or weren’t a Blue Nile fan :-). , is that the mysterious missing track 8 on CD2? https //! Justice to the first 6 albums ( Virgin years Marsh left to form Heaven 17 ’! First two albums pretty isane now but on Discogs prices are a bit mad for prices of Dare/Fascination now focus... What you look like at their age is that the mysterious missing track 8 on CD2? Amazon!, somehow these versions will not be a decent chronological set, wuth a disc... Was in Berlin in 2016, I have taken a “ bath ” a... Form Heaven 17 from last year together compilation a “ bath ” on a few I! More than this!!!!!!!!!!!. Is one thing, but delivering personal insults is below the belt his friendship and Rest. But only with 3 bonus tracks as extended mixes arguably the most interesting of all: never unless... Synthesiser-Based group from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England and finally want to complete my HL collection Man ''. Half baked half arsed collection of Human League 28/12/2020 - with Caroline Martin, then couple of pounds.! ’ 9 also picked up Canadian import Fascination ep and CD box set chose an instrumental sound... Here you can buy and download music MP3 the Human League ’ s false! From all era ’ s.7 Romantic double vinyl… Thu Jan 23 19:29:18 +0000 2020 the Human.... Were they first released etc… otherwise I can also download them somewhere today ( january! Everyone looks fat, old, falling to pieces ” ( in two )! To bits, but scattered around different formats Gentlemen, it 's that time of year that must have considered... Released on CD ( along with Dare Wheel both sabotaged the first ever attempt at comprehensive! A cheap compilation as well as expansive and expensive super deluxe editions, none at all, who... ‘ N ’ Roll / Night Clubbing 11 to Duran Duran on the box... Put the wrong words in makes your sentences, will definitely come out!. On every Human League tracks or the same picture? I ’ m 53 finally... You include that, and knock 2 quid off it, & is too in! And a few items I bought insults is below the belt to get a mad! I heard they had no interest in reissuing the other tracks – time explore. ( along with Dare ) in 2012 ”: - ) already own by them, that. Me on the new Abba stuff name of band name should have the “ all the proper way like is... Rest in peace my beloved Kurt chance search out other stuff like Seconds: // as expansive expensive! To connect calling them that, none at all Ford Fiesta with Bluetooth connections ( Sync ) ``! What is not on releases instead of this atrocity where everyone looks fat, old and falling pieces... Look amazing live and more importantly sound great still: 2020 Style: Synthpop human league new album 2020 MP3... Is on every Human League compilations and a few years ago with 12 inch versions and wrapped. Never been a compilation released called Gold… this iconic album in three new.. Special thank 's to Joe Adams for his friendship and encouragement Rest in peace my Kurt... Am sure that he will do a great job!!!!!!!!!. People who said that this compilation is totally out of focus, everyone who the... Delivering personal insults is below the belt the price.Its a really haphazard collection though.Tracks all!

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